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This project is sponsored by the Australian Research Council, Melbourne University, Kent Law School, the Valand Academy, Gothenburg University, West Space, Liquid Architecture, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Laureate Program in International Law (Melbourne Law School), and the the Institute for Global Law & Policy (Harvard Law School).

A massive thank you to our our sponsors, all our participants, all our chairs, and to everyone who has helped us bring these workshops together, especially Maddie Leach, Mia Tamarin, Luis Bogliolo, Luis Eslava, Josh Watson, Joel Stern, Georgia Hutchison, Tom Smith, Thea Jones, Patrice Sharkey, Ari Callejas, Anthony Rodriguez, Anna Hood, Miles Brown, Laura Napolitano, Sofia Neri, Sol Vargas, Jack Stanovsek.



Image: Villaggio Breviglieri, Tripolitania, 1938. Architect: Umberto di Segni (Ente per la Colonizzazione della Libia.