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Composer and musicologist Luciano Chessa, performing F. T. Marinetti’s Bombardamento di Adrianopoli (1912), Melbourne, 2018.

Photo: Anthony Rodriguez/Black Note Photography.

Fascism & the International

The Fascism & the International Project brings together a group of scholars, artists and activists working across the fields of law, history, visual art, sound studies, history of art, music/musicology, international relations, postcolonial studies, sociology, anthropology, political theory, geography, critical race theory and beyond. 

All of them are working, in different ways, to make sense of the recent and rapid re-centring of self-consciously fascist discourse, imagery and practice witnessed in recent years; to explore neo/fascism’s connection to the formal division of the world, over the course of five centuries, into an assemblage of individuals, companies, nation-states and commodities; and to develop new modes of critique and more effective strategies of resistance.