‘Speeches Punctuated with Resounding Slaps’: Law, Expansion, Hierarchy, Resistance.

west Space, Bourke Street, MElbourne, 24-26 May 2018

Organisers: Rose Parfitt (Kent/Melbourne), with help from Luis Bogliolo (Melbourne), in collaboration with Liquid Architecture, West Space, the Italian Cultural Institute and the Laureate Programe in International Law (Melbourne Law School).

Photo by Anthony Rodriguez / Black Note Photography.

Photo by Anthony Rodriguez / Black Note Photography.

* Keynote 1 *

Mark Antliff (Duke University, USA): ‘Fascism, Modernism, Modernity’


* Nazi Normativities *

Reut Yael Paz (Justus-Liebig University Gießen, Germany): ‘From Exploring (M)otherness through International Law: Lessons from the Mothers of the Fatherland to the Appropriation of the Child in the Name of the Father/Patria’

Max Wagner(Humboldt University, Germany): ‘Taking National Socialism Seriously: The Example of Karl Larenz'

Paul Hahnenkamp(University of Vienna, Austria): ‘Out(er State) Law. International Law from Negation to Destruction’

Chair/discussantRichard Joyce(Monash University, Australia) 


* Aesthetics of Anti/Fascism *

Patricia Leighten(Duke University, USA): ‘Photography and Anti-authoritarianism: The Inter- and Postwar Career of Henri Cartier-Bresson’

Ignacio Forcada (UCLM, Spain) & María Primo de Rivera(independent photographer, Spain): ‘Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera !Presente!: A Visual Walk Through the Life and International Thought of the Founder of the “Falange Espanñola”.’

Chair/discussant: Isobel Roele (Queen Mary University, London)


* Keynote 2 *

Luciano Chessa (San Francisco Conservatory of Music, USA): 'Luigi Russolo's Antifascism Revisited' (lecture + performance)

Chair/discussant: James Parker(Melbourne Law School)


* Provincialising Fascism *

Leila Brännström (Lund University, Sweden): ‘Fascism and Revolutionary Iran’

Adrian Smith (University of Carlton, Canada): ‘Fascism, Colonialism and the Plot to Overthrow Dominica’

Fabia Veçoso, (University of Melbourne, Australia), João Henrique (Federal University of Goiás, Brazil) & Daniel Campos de Carvalho (Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil): ‘The Portuguese and the Tropics’: Opposing Decolonization, Promising Unity’ 

Vannessa Hearman (Charles Darwin University, Australia): ‘Anti-communism and the Promotion of a Return to Authoritarianism in Indonesia' 

Chair/discussant: Anna Saunders (Melbourne Law School)


* Cybernazis * Fashwave & the Aesthetics of Alt-Right Retrofuturism *

Screening/hearing/discussion with James Parker  (Melbourne Law School, Australia) and Tom Andrews (Melbourne Law School, Australia)

Chair/discussant: Luis Eslava (Kent Law School) 

* Techno-Totalitarianism *

Kobi Leins(Melbourne Law School, Australia): ‘Fascbook: When to Unfriend?’

Jake Goldenfein(Swinburne University of Technology, Australia): ‘Computational Eugenics’

Pete Chambers(RMIT University, Australia) & Rachel Busbridge(Australian Catholic University): ‘From Blood and Soil to Cybernetes and Silicon: Between Breivik’s Manifesto and its Fascist Future and the Alt Right, via Cultural Marxism’

Chair/discussantRuth Cain (Kent Law School, UK)

* Keynote 3 * Fascism and International Law: History, Technology, Representation *

Keynote panel with Anne Orford (Melbourne Law School, Australia), Gregor Noll (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) and Martti Koskenniemi (University of Helsinki, Finland)

Chair/discussantKatherine Fallah(University of Technology, Sydney, Australia)


* Nation, Race, Order *

Cícero Krupp da Luz (University of São Paulo, Brazil): ‘The Everyday Legal Impact of Italian Fascism in Brazil during the 1920s, 30s and early 40s.’

Marnie Lloydd(Melbourne Law School, Australia): ‘Controlling Volunteers: Fascist and Anti-Fascist Foreign Fighting in the Spanish Civil War.’

Ntina Tzouvala (University of Melbourne, Australia): ‘The Golden Dawn and White (Inter)Nationalism.’

Chair/discussant: Katherine Fallah (UTS, Australia) 


* Aesthetics of Contemporary Resistance *

Helena Chávez Mac Gregor(UNAM, Mexico): ‘Aesthetic Strategies of Resistance against Contemporary Fascism’ (lecture/screening)

Ruth Cain (Kent Law School, UK): '@Nero: Meme Culture, Marx and the Alt-Right Online'